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Target Your Ideal Employer
Target Your Ideal Employer

We find the corporate email addresses of hundreds of potential employers matching your criteria in any industry and any country.

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Personalise Your Messages

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Receive Positive Replies

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If you are looking for a role in a specific location and a specific industry consider our “Value Pack” and if your search is a bit broader and more subtle we recommend our “All Inclusive Pack”:

For Simple Searches
For Simple Searches

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  • For 1 Role in 1 Location in 1 Industry
  • 2-Week Email Support
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For Broader Searches
For Broader Searches

All Inclusive Pack


  • Up to 1,200 Contacts
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  • 45-min Strategy Consultation
  • Unlimited Database & Draft Reviews
  • 4-Week Email Support
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Emilia Clarke
I secured 6 job interviews that fitted exactly my ideal employer profile, all in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown!
Now Marketing Director in London
Emilia Clarke
I received more than 30 job interview requests in just 3 weeks and got a job.
Pretty amazing! Thanks guys.
Now Account Executive in Barcelona
Emilia Clarke
After 4 months of lock down the first positive responses were quite a relief.
I met incredibly interesting not-for-profits and social economy start-up founders!
Now Project Manager in Melbourne

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